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The INFPs Relationship with Gifts

INFPs are one of the least materialistic personality types out there. Many of the gifts they prefer are not extravagant or expensive, but symbolic and heartfelt. Often they’d prefer a special experience together over a store-bought item. Many INFPs mentioned that they feel shy receiving gifts and prefer giving over receiving. The important aspect of a gift to an INFP is that it shows that you pay attention to their passions and interests. The gift could be something as simple as a wildflower picked on the side of a road if you thought of them when you picked it or if it had a symbolic meaning.

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for INFPs:

  1. A Book

INFPs are richly imaginative and love being able to escape into the pages of a new book. While most INFPs preferred physical books they could flip through (and smell!), they were also happy with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions or audiobooks. Most INFPs preferred fiction or poetry over non-fiction books (but this can vary, so try to get some insight from the INFP in your life).

  1. An Experience

INFPs are inspired by the outer world and by memorable moments and discoveries. Their auxiliary Extraverted Intuition (Ne) gives them a love for new landscapes, cultures, and adventures. While they can often enjoy long periods of solitude (especially with a good book), INFPs also tend to have a dash of wanderlust due to their Ne and their love of novelty. The experiences they mentioned included walking through the woods, camping, going on a vacation (preferably to a secluded, undiscovered part of the world), or even just going out for coffee!

  1. A Donation to Their Favorite Charity/Cause

INFPs are altruistic souls, and they are driven by a desire to improve the world they live in. Many INFPs mentioned that instead of a gift they’d enjoy knowing that someone gave to a cause of their choice under their name.

  1. A Mix Tape or CD

Music is a source of deep inspiration for INFPs. Music taps into their rich emotions and intuition to give them solidarity, encouragement, new ideas, or motivation. Pick out a collection of songs that make you think of the INFP in your life. This is an easy, fun, and heartfelt gift they’re sure to love!

  1. A Heartfelt Letter

The gifts that mean the most in life are usually not found in a store. I’ve seen this repeatedly as people from all personality types have mentioned wanting a heartfelt letter over any material gift. INFPs are greatly affected by words, especially words they can read time and time again. Take the time to really delve into what you appreciate about the INFP in your life, or recount favorite experiences over again for them to enjoy. A letter is a gift that lasts long after it is given!

  1. Something Symbolic

Intuitives, especially Dreamers (NF personality types) are greatly affected by symbolism. They tend to think in terms of symbols and images, and they love gifts that tap into that. Rocks, plants, artisan jewelry, crystals, photographs, all these things could evoke a memory or an impression of something significant and inspirational to the INFP. Extra points if your symbolic gift is handmade!

  1. Pets (or something for a pet!)

Personality types with dominant Introverted Feeling (Fi) tend to be especially fond of animals. Numerous INFPs mentioned that they would love to have a pet for Christmas, or if not a real, live pet, a gift for the pet they already have.

اسمم محموده
۱۹ بهمن ۹۵ , ۰۱:۴۹
ایده برای کادو دادن؟  :))
تولدتونم که نزدیک نیست اخه
منم INTP بودم
فکر کنم... 

اهل نکنه واسه وزن میگی؟!؟ 

پاسخ :

آره متأسفانه تا تولدم خیلی مونده :(
یکی از دوستان منم INTP عه. اون منو با این تیپ ها آشنا کرد :)
متوجه این جمله تون نشدم "اهل نکنه واسه وزن میگی؟!؟"
اسمم محموده
۱۹ بهمن ۹۵ , ۱۵:۳۴
متاسقانه وقتی با گوشی کامنت میزاری باید دقت کنی که گوشیت جمله :
"آها نکنه واسه ولن میگی" رو تبدیل به جمله: "آها نکنه واسه وزن میگی" نکنه !

پاسخ :

آهان :))
نه متأسفانه (یا خوشبختانه !) کسی قرار نیست برام کادوی ولنتاین بخره :)))
parisa .A
۲۱ بهمن ۹۵ , ۰۹:۱۱
ولی من ISTP ام :دی :)
اطلاعات از کجا اومدن دقیقا؟ :))

پاسخ :

چه متفاوتیم :)
تو یه ST
من یه NF
از یه سایت مخصوص این تیپ شخصیتی ها :))
البته اینا تأیید صد در صدی نداره ولی خب از یه تعداد INFP پرسیدن و اونا هم اینجوری جواب دادن :)
۰۷ خرداد ۹۶ , ۰۴:۵۶
این به خواننده کمک می‌کنه که انتخابش رو انجام بده. ولی بعد از انجامِ انتخابش چطور می‌تونه اونو به نویسنده برسونه؟

پاسخ :

میتونید به جای اینکه به نویسنده بدینش، آی ان اف پی های اطرافتونو پیدا کنین و به اون ها بدین :)
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